Neem Hakim Khatra E Jaan

Neem Hakim Khatra E Jaan

While we spend hours or may be days zeroing down on a doctor checking his qualifications & credentials before we let him put us under the knife why do we take ourselves so casual when it comes to a ‘trainer’ teaching us life skills to survive vicious attackers??

Well it may not be audacious for us to claim that we have a set of most Qualified , Competent & Experienced instructors at Fitcomb a look at the data below (substantiated with records) might help you better comprehend :

  1. Real Military Combative Expertise : Our Chief Instructor is an alumni of the elite Indian Army in the capacity of an Officer of Combat Unit having been exposed to real time threats & attacks during his tenure along the Line Of Control, North East & High Altitude terrain.
  2. Industrial Security Management : We boast of the 1st & only Security officer from the private industry to have been trained alongwith officers from CISF, BSF & CRPF at NISA (CISF Training Academy) at Hyderabad. He further went on to be at the helm of physical security management across blue chip industries with immense hands on experience in Industrial Relations, Collective Bargaining, Threat Neutralization ,  Security Audits , Body Guarding.
  3. Human Resource Management : Senior HR role in Service Industry
  4. CEO of Soft Skills Training Co.
  5. First Lady Instructor in KAPAP (Israeli Special Forces Combat System) : Trained in Israel
  6. Senior Most Instructor in KAPAP :Our Chief Instructor is the senior most instructor in KAPAP in Asia.
  7. Instructor in Krav Maga & Law Enforcement : Trained in Israel under International Krav Maga Federation chief instructors like Iyal Yanilov, Avi Moyal, Gabi Noach etc.
  8. 1st & Only Instructor in India in Jim Wagner Reality Based Self Defence System
  9. Knife Expert & Instructor (Singapore & Germany)


  1. Instructor in Kali : Pilipino Combat System using Edged & Blunt Weapons

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