Florida Shootout

Florida Shootout

Greetings of the day! Here is an important piece of information straight form the front page of all major national & international dailies including various news channels :

What Happened ?

A shootout in Florida (US) on 12th Jun 2016. About 50 innocent lives were lost & equal number were seriously injured.

Who did it & why ?

A 29 year old youth who allegedly had ‘homophobia’ sprayed bullets on a Gay Club killing people in cold blood. He pledged allegiance to IS too.

Why did it happen ? This may not happen here, so why bother?

People have already started arguing that this happens in US only, because the country has free gun culture & this is unlikely to happen in India. But google & related data suggests that in India only 20% people in possession of weapons hold valid arms license, rest 80% are in possession of illicit (not country made katas anymore) weapons. TOI dated 11th Jun 2016 brought to light a big number of laser sight (for precision shooting) weapons being smuggled into India.

So what should I do?

Prepare yourself for the ‘unexpected’ because you may not get another chance. If it can happen in a ‘high security country’ like the US then here in India….its anybody’s guess. Learn about weapons (may be not to use them but being able to identify them, understand their limitations & effectiveness) & reduce potential or ‘could be’ damage and save your life & those of others.

Tips & Suggestions to stay safe ?

  1. Avoid crowded places as much as possible.
  2. Stay alert NOT paranoid (doesn’t need anything more than being attentive to people& sound around you (these are the early warnings)
  3. Go on ground the moment you hear a blast of gun shots (which sound like crackers), cover your ears & head, cross your legs.
  4. Crawl out to safety, DO NOT RUN as it offers a bigger target or exposure area & attracts attention,
  5. Learn basic First Aid


For more details undergo our ‘Urban Terrorism Survival Program’ because it is absolutely worth the insignificant investment in terms or time & money. For more details & more so for the sake of your safety & those of others do get in touch with us !

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