Weapon is a Perspective !

Weapon is a Perspective !

Weapon is a perspective & I go on explaining this with an analogy that if it is held by an Osama then it is to terrorize & kill but if it is used to save innocent lives & property then it becomes a ‘boon’. Imagine a military personnel fighting for his country without a weapon or a SWAT officer trying to negate a hostage situation without a firearm.

Well, a weapon injures & may lead to a fatality but who uses it and why it is used sets the perspective right in or against it. Simply said, call a weapon a TOSS or a Tool Of Safety & Survival & it becomes a positive reservoir of energy , call it a Weapon & brings in negativity.

People mock at me & ask me, “why do you carry a weapon? Are you scared?” And my answer to them is simple & straight – “I foresee a situation better than you since I am a professional & trained in combative. I don’t carry a weapon but a TOSS which can save my life & life of someone else. So I am being proactive & prepared because you may not get another chance.”

Being prepared does not mean being scared or being a paranoid

There is an old adage – “stitch in time, saves nine” & also a very famous military saying –“the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” It is self-explanatory, logical & complete in itself & requires no further deliberation. You do not wear a helmet or put on a seat belt because you ‘will’ crash but you take a precaution and prepare ‘just in case something goes wrong’ then your probability of survival would be much higher than someone who thought it was an expression of paranoia.

Lot of my students ask me , “Why do we need to learn self defence & survival skills?” or ,”I have never been into a freaky situation &do not see it happening so why should I learn?”

Well, my response to them is twofold:

  1. It is good to know something & not have to use it rather than feel a need to use something you do not have.
  2.     You may avoid a situation but what if it is forced onto you?

What is a Weapon?

Well, weapon is an extension of human body designed to neutralize or destroy. Same weapon or TOSS if used to defend oneself is an ‘effective means’ to end a fight quickly.


Doug Marcaida a renowned FMA or Filipino Martial Arts proponent says that , “a weapon is not to be seen but felt.” What it simply means is that your TOSS should not be your last resort but the first option to end a fight quickly. Flashing a weapon may challenge a seasoned criminal but a surprise gauge or poke would immediately put him on his back foot.

The thought of a weapon should not bring in negativity & fear infact it should make you feel empowered & in command.Consider it a TOSS &  your mind would be at peace!

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